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To us, your time matters. It matters a great deal. You spend it to play with your kids at the playground or go for a movie. You spend it to chat with your spouse while enjoying the meal. You spend it on your favorite activities with your friends.

Adteria makes intelligent software to free hard-working men and women from repetitive tasks. While we believe in the value of hard work, we believe in family, too. Anything that risks enjoying your life to the fullest is simply unacceptable. That’s why we make AI-powered software and damn good ones.

Here, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the new cult. We design them with the same attention to detail as an engineer would build a ship. Or a surgeon would operate on a heart. Every feature must be easy to use even for a 10-year-old. It has to be so useful that nothing goes to waste.

The bottom line is that you demand more time for yourselves. Spend it wisely. Automate your tasks and increase your productivity using the AI technology. Because spending quality time with your love ones is something worth time making for.

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Your time matters a great deal

The value our AI software brings to your business.

Quality Interactions Quality Interactions

Develop relationships with your customers at all time, 24/7. Be present and interact with every customer in a meaningful way.

Higher Conversions Higher Conversions

Generate more leads and push them through your sales funnel. Get notified when there is a high quality sales lead who are ready to talk to you.

Automations Automation

Perform repetitive tasks according to schedule and condition. Deliver the work at scale with little to no work from your end.

Personalization Personalization

Deliver the help and content just like how your customers like it. Increase your customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Make Better Decisions Better Decisions

Use the power of machine to analyze your data. It will check 100s of models to find the best result. Helps you make better decisions.

Customer Knowledge Customer Knowledge

Get deeper understanding about your customers. Know what motivates them and when they are most likely to buy.

"One-way communication channels like emails are not working as well as it used to. In the era where trust is at its lowest point, you can sell the best when you interact with potential customers in a one-to-one communication. Our focus is to develop practical conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions that address real-world sales and marketing problems."
- Vincent, founder of Adteria

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Customer Partnership

We help our customers stay ahead of the pack by delivering high level of service and new AI solutions. For us, this means being a reliable technology partner. We strive to make our customers more productive, efficient and profitable.

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